Asian Makeup – Introduction And Step By Step Guide


When speaking about Asian Makeup the first and most important step is the choice of products and the sequence of products that we use. It is not necessarily needed to use Japanese or Korean products to do a Japanese Make up. It is totally a different makeup with different priorities. The most important part of Asian Makeup is that the skin has to be perfectly even. So the makeup base that we use for this type of makeup is absolutely crucial. Is has to be a pore defining base that makes the skin even and ready for the foundation. So let us start with the correct Asian makeup routine.

The Foundation

The foundation has to be the same tone as the skin is and if possible one tone lighter. There is no doubt that for a Asian makeup you will need a good and strongly covering makeup base. Concealer is the next important step to make the skin tone even and nice. This products has to match with the color of the foundation and has to go around the mouth corners, under the eyes and at the sides of the nose. Then it is time to apply the powder in order to make the makeup sit properly. The powder has to be transparent or of the color of your makeup but not darker. It is perfect for Asian makeup to use a lighter powder then you actual skin ton.


Secrets For A Flawless Makeup

One tone lighter makes your skin perfect for this type of make up. If you think you will look to pale don’t worry because you really won’t. Then the second most important step is to choose the right color for your cheeks. In Asian makeup we never take brown or red colors for the blush but always pink, light pink to strong pink ones.

Coming to the most captivating part that is the eyes. Of course you will have to work on creating as much as possible an oriental shape. This you will do with eyeliner and eye-shadow.


How To Shape Your Eyes

It is important to try to make an oriental shape a cat like shape. To make a real Asian makeup the right colors to use are black, dark grey, dark blue and dark violet and pink.
The finishing touch for your perfect makeup is black mascara and if you want to give it a even more dramatic touch you can also use false lashes.

Skincare Routine

The other very important aspect of Japanese style makeup is the whole skincare routine to do before the makeup itself. On a very good skin that is clean, has no dead skin cells and perfectly moisturized every makeup looks better. As we said at the beginning in this type of makeup the base is the most important. The total focus in this makeup is on the perfection of the skin and on the shape of the eyes.


Japanese makeup is almost half way done if you did a good base. The skin has to look perfect like the skin of a doll and the blush has to be applied roundly and be in a pink shade. The eyes have to be in an oriental shape and defined with both eyeliner and black eye-shadow to be more smokey and the makeup has to be fixated with powder that is at least the same tone of the makeup or one tone lighter.

Japanese Skincare Routine

Japanese skincare routine is very different from what we understand when we say daily skin care routine. The two ways of taking care of the skin does not mean that one is necessarily better than the other but they that this are different ways to achieve the same result. A beautiful flawless skin.


The cleaning is one of the if not the most important part of Japanese skincare routine. It consists in the so called double cleansing method. First you would use something more creamy like a cleansing cream or a cleansing milk. Then you would go on with a little bit stronger cleansing product like a cleansing gel or a cleansing cream. The second product usually contains also little delicate grains in order gently exfoliate your skin and keep it deeply clean without irritating.

Asian Makup

Asian Makup

Once Your First Cleansing Ritual Is Done…

The second step after the cleansing the lotion. Now the Japanese or Korean lotion are very different from what the lotions in the USA and Europe are. In western world after the cleansing you would go on using a toner or a lotion. In Japan lotion is still a liquid but way more oily and moisturizing the other lotions. The way of applying the Japanese lotion is basically the same then applying a toner here. Either you use one or two cotton pads and apply it all over your face or you splash it into your face directly with your hands.

What’s Next….

Well so now your skin is clean and fresh. The next step is the emulsion. So what is this now? Well the emulsion is kind of a lighter cream. You souls imagine an emulsion like a more liquid cream. Of course this step can be replace also by a richer cream even in Japanese skin care but the emulsion is a very good and lightweight texture for young or oily or also for the summer time, if you should live in a very hot climate. There are many good reasons to use an emulsion instead of a full on rich cream.

Tatcha Luxury Japanese Skincare

Tatcha Luxury Japanese Skincare


Since you are exfoliating every day or i should say twice a day with your daily cleansing ritual there is no need to extra exfoliate once a week.


The mask is again another very important part of Japanese and Korean skin care routine. Japanese cosmetology offer and very vast range of amazing sheet masks.

Reasons For Using Sheet Masks

A sheet mask can be anything depending in which ingredients it is soaked in, from anti aging to moisturizing to purifying and so on.
Sheet masks are simply great products. The are so easy to use, practical, you can carry them around and bring them with you. Sheet masks are simply a very nice and easy treat for your skin. Sheet masks can be used from twice a week to every other day depending on how you feel like.